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Shouryya Ray and the press

A German 16-year old has become a worldwide phenomenon and the first person who managed to solve a mathematical problem that Sir Isaac Newton posed more than 300 years ago. Shouryya Ray worked on how to calculate the precise path of a projectile under gravity and subject to air resistance. The Indian-borne teen reposted to have solved the problem while working on a school project. German society awarded the young man by giving him a prize for contribution to the science and labeled him as a genius. Considering he solved the math problem while doing a school project his research is put down to curiosity and student’s naivety.

His family moved to Germany when he was 12 years old. The boy’s father got a job as an engineer at a technical college and he that his father had a significant influence on his, showing him love towards math and taught this calculus when he was six years old. Even Mr. Ray’s father told the media that his son’s mathematical powers quickly surpassed his own, showing considerable knowledge and progress, which is rare for such a young boy. The father said that Ray never discussed the project with him and that he used math equations that are even beyond his reach.

post2bNewton posed this problem 300 years ago, which relates to movement of projectiles through the air. Before Mr. Ray’s solution, mathematicians and scientist were able to offer an only partial answer, but no one managed to solve the problem in full. That’s why the public became shocked when a young man offered a solution. If that wasn’t enough, Mr. Ray also managed to solve an additional problem which involves the collision of a body with a wall, that was posed in the 19th century. Experts and scientists say that these solutions will contribute to better precision in areas as ballistics.

On the other hand, a university professor Jürgen Voigt states that Newton never posed a problem. He said that the movement of the body or object under the influence of gravity and friction in the air is managed by a specific differential equation. Moreover, the theory of average differential equations yields that equation can be solved and that solution is presented in particular form. When he says average equation, he thinks that textbooks contain this approach and it is taught in third-year courses at the university. He and his coworkers published a four-page report where they tried to contextualize Ray’s work. Voigt emphasized that Ray deserved a prize for his work and that his solution should be appreciated, considering it’s coming from a 16-year old boy. We are left to see, what kind of discoveries will Ray make in the future.

Cryptocurrency news – what’s new in the market


Last year was terrific for the cryptocurrency, and many investors have managed to achieve massive profits. Everyone talked about bitcoin and how to invest in this currency, but it seems that at the beginning of 2018, the hype has died down. We still remember that significant crackdown of one of the biggest Japanese exchanges and somehow that made people think about the future and whether they should invest the money in cryptocurrency. Disappointing prices in January and February have apparently driven many bitcoin trades to avoid checking on their exchange accounts. The latest polls indicate sharp decline month over month.

Exchange traffic decreases rapidly

The total number of visits to the websites of significant cryptocurrency exchanges had been reduced significantly in February. Based on many research, the visits have spiked in December 2017 and January 2018 and fallen by half in February. post1aThe total number of visits was down 49% in February, from 123.5 million to 63.1 million, after reaching 169.5 million in December 2017. Even though bitcoin had a rocky start, it doesn’t mean it’s all bad news for this digital currency. Many experts predict that bitcoin will recover by the end of the year.

Supply and demand will be a determining factor

Some analysts who are forecasting the prices say that we need to review the supply and demand factors and that we can expect the rise in price up to $20.000. They based this number on supply because the only limited number of coins are mined each year. On the other hand, without a firm regulation and guidance in cryptocurrency’s valuations, this price is prone to changes. Moreover, bitcoin investors expect positive developments in the market, claiming this is just a temporary crisis. There will be a lot of innovation in trading, starting with a bitcoin payment as legal paying method.

Is crash a possible option

Like with any exchange, we can’t predict the crash on one currency or asset, but it’s possible. In case of bitcoin, many analysts are wary of the crash, and this is one major drawback for many investors. They are afraid to invest their money, and this trend will continue in 2018. No one can predict the crash of bitcoin, but there is always a possibility it will happen sometime in the future. While these predictions can be highly unreliable, there is some truth in them, and you will just have to follow price pattern signals.

The future isn’t certain

The future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is anything but sure, but it’s reasonable to assume that at least for the short term, the price of bitcoin will continue to rise. On the other hand, the investors need to be very careful because in 2017 we have been witnesses to some of the nastiest feuds and many investors got ripped off due to hacker attacks. It’s still early to say, but this type of investment may become a safe haven for investors’ money.